Cafeiva Social Café Brochure

Cafeiva Social Café

Brand & Brochure Design

Cafeiva is a fictional 1970s-inspired social café in Cleveland that serves coffee, cocktails, and bites for breakfast and lunch. For this project, the name and type of business were provided, but the concept, brand story, and brand history were created by a team of students. After the details were solidified, the team split up to make their interpretation of the brand’s identity through a logo and various branded assets.

The logo and branding materials were heavily inspired by design from the era, including music posters, clothing, furniture, and print media. The bright colors represent these elements in the disco scene. The heavy, shadowed text element is based on the increased use of decorative, chunky display typefaces during this time period.

After the logo was finalized, a printed brochure that showcases the shop’s offerings was created. The full menu, upcoming events, company history, and contact information are provided in a stylized way reflective of the brand’s identity. The menu is contained in a full two-panel spread, allowing customers to see all the options available. A smaller callout panel is integrated to highlight the brand’s history and a few recurring events. The imagery used throughout enriches the brand’s theme while showing customers a preview of the food and beverages available. Brightly colored wavy lines tie in design themes from the 1970s and create a visual motif throughout the brochure.


Cafeiva brand moodboard.

Brand Moodboard Option

Cafeiva brand moodboard.

Chosen Brand Moodboard

Thumbnail sketches for Cafeiva Social Café logo.

Logo Thumbnail Sketches

Cafeiva brand color and type studies.

Color & Type Studies

First Drafts

First Drafts of Logo

Chosen Logo Revisions

Final Design

Final Cafeiva Logo

Final Logo

Cafeiva Brochure
Cafeiva Brochure

Cafeiva Brochure