Cafeiva travel mug, reusable straws, and french press with branded packaging.

Cafeiva Social Café Packaging

Packaging Design

Cafeiva is a fictional 1970s-inspired social café in Cleveland, Ohio that serves coffee, cocktails, pastries, and sandwiches. The intent of this project was to develop dielines and design packaging for three products that could be sold at the café. The two fonts and main colors used for all three products’ packaging are consistent with previous branded designs and are inspired by the ‘70s disco scene. The use of colored lines, both straight and in a wavy pattern, is used throughout Cafeiva’s branding.

The travel mug is packaged with a sticker label. The label uses four colored lines as a visual brand reference. A bar of color is centralized on the label, indicative of the color of the mug. This allows the design to be transferable if Cafeiva were to offer multiple colors in their line of mugs.

The reusable straw set comes in a travel bag, which is contained in a wraparound label. The label includes a simple illustration to show what can be expected within the canvas bag. The design includes the four straight colored lines to connect it with the other objects. The reusable bag adds to the packaging, making it eco-friendly and more convenient to the buyer.

The French press coffee maker’s packaging includes a tag created using a French fold. The design includes a descriptive front page, two instructional inside pages, and a simplistic back page with only the declaration of responsibility, country of origin, and UPC. By creating a compact label, the buyer does not need to worry about keeping a large outer box or instruction manual.

Final Design

Cafeiva french press coffee maker tag design.

French Press Tag Flat Design

Cafeiva travel coffee mug label design.

Travel Mug Label Flat Design

Cafeiva reusable straws wrap label design.

Reusable Straws Wrap Label Flat Design

Cafeiva french press with custom designed tag.

French Press with Tag

Cafeiva travel coffee mug with custom designed label.

Travel Mug with Label

Cafeiva reusable straws with custom designed wrap label.

Reusable Straws with Wrap Label