Corporate and Organizational Engagement logo

Baldwin Wallace Corporate + Organizational Engagement (C+OE) Logo


Corporate + Organizational Engagement is an office through Baldwin Wallace University that “provides an elevated partnership for companies, organizations, and municipalities” using “student talent, faculty expertise and a vast portfolio of university services and customized offerings.” The office sought after a logo that represented their values and offerings to students at Baldwin Wallace and their community.

The logo uses a plus sign and overlapping type to symbolize the connection between the University and external clients. Since the relation to the University is an important part of their communication, the colors used are Baldwin Wallace’s primary brand colors. The typeface is simple and modern, speaking to the office’s professional tone.

The three versions of the logo each have stipulations for use. The external version includes the Baldwin Wallace logo lockup and is to be used with any clients outside of the university. The internal version includes the full name of the office and can be used for any internal communications and meetings. The symbol-only versions should only be used as a stamp of the brand when one of the full logos are not necessary. After its development, the logo was used to create PowerPoint templates, proposal templates, and thank you cards for the office.

Final Design

C+OE External Logo

External Logo

C+OE Internal Logo

Internal Logo

C+OE Symbol-Only Logo

Symbol-Only Logo

C+OE Thank You Card Design
C+OE Thank You Card Design
C+OE Thank You Card Designr

Thank You Card Front Designs

Custom PowerPoint Template Slides