Plants from Please Don't Die Brochure Design

Please Don't Die: Plant Care Brochure

Brochure/Publication Design

The purpose of this project was to write copy and design an informational brochure on a topic of personal interest. Please Don’t Die is an informational brochure created to help houseplant lovers keep their green, leafy companions alive and well. The brochure contains basic tips that apply to all varieties of plants as well as specific care tips for five popular species. Each of the five highlighted species was given a personality based on their individual qualities to entertain readers and make the plants more approachable to those who may not have a natural green thumb.

The color palette combines natural greens that represent the plants and warm, red-orange tones to complement the greens and make the subject more inviting to the target audience. Real photos are used in tandem with illustrations to emphasize the informative intent of the brochure without losing its relatability and personality.

The project uses two fonts: Campaign Slab, a slab-serif, and Soleil, a sans-serif. The chosen typefaces balance the fun, graphic nature of the illustrations with the modern tastes of the younger target audience.

After completing the brochure, a process book was created to explain the research, preliminary steps, and development of the design. The process book follows the style established in the brochure to ensure consistency and continuity.

Process Book

Final Design

Please Don't Die Plant Care Brochure Cover

Front & Back Covers

Please Don't Die Plant Care Brochure Pages

Aloe Vera & Pothos Plant Highlights

Please Don't Die Plant Care Brochure Pages

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Highlight

Please Don't Die Plant Care Brochure Pages

Propagation & Closing Pages