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Terrestrial Refill Shop is a conceptual low-waste alternative to shops that carry traditional household items in single-use plastic packaging, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They offer large quantities of eco-friendly body care, cleaning, and kitchen products. Customers bring reusable containers from home or purchase new reusable containers in store to fill with as much product as they need.

Terrestrial’s logotype shows their environmental association while still feeling modern and unique to appeal to a younger audience. The natural color palette reflects the brand’s desire to better the environment. Mobley Sans, the typeface chosen for the brand’s name in the logotype, has a futuristic feel to emphasize environmental forward-thinking.

The purpose of the Terrestrial app is to allow customers the opportunity to prepare for their shopping trips to the refill shop and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle. The app’s primary feature is the shopping list creator, which lets customers add a product to the list, note how much is needed and which container they will use, and write anything they should remember about the item. This feature decreases the confusion that may prevent customers from making trips to Terrestrial Refill Shop.

Alongside the shopping list creator, the app also offers a catalog of available products, a blog with tips for going green, a user profile that stores the rewards system, the customer’s containers, and their favorite products. The app’s style follows the brand identity set by the logotype. Custom-designed icons represent each tab, and all images have an organic feel to mirror the brand’s values. The app was usability tested to measure effectiveness using the Marvel prototyping software.

Check out the interactive Terrestrial Refill Shop App prototype!

Final Design

Terrestrial Refill Shop App Home Icon Design

Home Icon

Terrestrial Refill Shop App Blog Icon Design

Blog Icon

Terrestrial Refill Shop App Shopping List Icon Design

Shopping List Icon

Terrestrial Refill Shop App Products Icon Design

Products Icon

Terrestrial Refill Shop App Profile Icon Design

Profile Icon

Terrestrial Refill Shop App Containers Icon Design

Containers Icon

Terrestrial Refill Shop App Rewards Icon Design

Rewards Icon

Terrestrial Refill Shop App Add Icon Design

Add Icon

Terrestrial Refill Shop App Remove Icon Design

Remove Icon

Terrestrial Refill Shop App New Icon Design

New Icon

Terrestrial Refill Shop App Search Icon Design

Search Icon

Terrestrial Refill Shop App Favorite Icon Design

Favorite Icon

Terrestrial App Login Screen Design

Login Screen

Terrestrial App Home Screen Design

Home Screen

Terrestrial App Shopping List Screen Design

Shopping List Screen

Terrestrial App Add to Shopping List Screen Design

Add Item to List Screen