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Visionary Art & Craft E-Blast

E-Blast / Interactive Web

Visionary Art & Craft is a fictional craft store for do-it-yourself décor makers. The brand focuses on minimal, clean projects that would brighten any room and add a bit of spunk. Muted versions of poppy colors make the store feel approachable and enticing at the same time.

This HTML coded e-blast teaches Visionary’s customers how to complete a simple pom-pom garland project.

The intention of the email aligns with the actions of the crafty target audience. The example photo at the top of the email showcases the finished product while continuing the neutral simplicity that is consistent in the remainder of the email. Two call-to-action buttons direct the user’s attention to a website where they could purchase the needed supplies or download a branded template that will aid them in following the tutorial video, placed at the bottom of the email.

Final Design

Visionary e-blast on iPhone.

E-Blast Design in Email

Visionary branded craft template

Pom Pom Craft Template

Visionary e-blast email design.

Full E-Blast